Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy Statement:

Our goal at is to develop an online environment that is safe and respectful of our users. We take the following steps to protect our customers' information: All sensitive transactions are protected with the best encryption in the industry – SSL. Our database is secure and all sensitive data is stored in an encrypted format; when we display your email address anywhere on our website, it is encoded in a way that looks like ordinary email to the human eye but confuses most spambots that cruise the web harvesting email addresses for spam.

Other than that, our privacy policy is simple, We Do Not:

Sell or share your information, to or with anyone (this, of course, does not include personal information that you choose to share with casting directors, or on your own website); engage in cross-marketing or referral programs; employ tricks such as so-called "cookies" or "web beacons" to track your movements on the web; or, use your email to send you "valuable" third-party offers.

We will, however, share your information with authorities when legally required to do so. We may also change this policy from time to time, but we will always tell you if we do.

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